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Season of Arrivals is the eleventh season of Destiny 2 and the fourth paid season of content in Year 3 of Destiny 2, occurring from June 9, 2020 to November 10, 2020.[1] Its story, centered around the Black Fleet's arrival in Sol, ties directly in to the events of Beyond Light, the subsequent expansion.


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The story of Season of Arrivals begins with the Guardian being sent to Io by Zavala to find and retrieve Eris Morn. She is found investigating a mysterious tree hidden away on Io, and grants the Guardian an artifact, the Seed of Silver Wings, and tasks them with containing the Darkness on Io with the help of The Drifter, to break through Savathun's interference in order to commune with the Darkness. After continuing to do this, eventually the Guardian is met by Savathun's mysterious supplicant, who is revealed to be Nokris. Upon dispatching him, hopefully for the last time, the Guardian is intercepted by the Darkness, where they are told that there lies a mysterious power for them on Europa.


Editions and Related Releases

Season Pass

The Season of Arrivals Season Pass could be purchased for 1,000 Silver in-game, which is approximately $10.00 USD.

Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe Edition

The season pass for Season of Arrivals was also included in the Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe Edition, as it included season passes for all four of the Destiny 2 year 3 season passes.

Bungie Rewards Collection


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