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RockLove is a brand which produces premium licensed jewelry items, began by Allison Cimino in 2008.[1]

The company began producing Destiny-inspired jewelry in 2016, to be sold exclusively on the Bungie Store. The first collection included a set of sterling silver necklaces and earrings designed after Guardian class icons, released in April 2016.[2] Later that month, the antiqued brass Iron Banner Pendant was also available for purchase. For the Bungie Day celebration that year, RockLove released their Ghost Pendant Necklace to the Bungie Store.[3] And, rounding the year off, the Iron Lords Sigil Pendant became available on the Bungie Store in November 2016.[4]

The following years would see much fewer entries into the Destiny x RockLove collection. In 2017, the Ghost Earrings and Ikora's Necklace would release on the Bungie Store.[5] The latter of which releasing after the launch of Destiny 2.[6] Only one new piece released in 2018, the Gambit Necklace, which celebrated the addition of Gambit to Destiny as of the launch of Forsaken that year.[7]

2019 saw two new pieces, both commemorative in their release dates. Joining in the Bungie Store's celebration of Destiny's 5th Anniversary, which began on September 11, 2019, the Gjallarhorn Necklace became available for purchase.[8] Then, the Eris Morn Necklace would release day-and-date with the launch of Shadowkeep, on October 1, 2019.[9] As for 2020, the Destiny Tricorn Cufflinks released as part of the Bungie Day celebration on the Bungie Store that year.

Releases would grow once again in 2021, which has seen four new pieces as of July. Firstly was the Tricorn Necklace, which released on January 22, 2021.[10] And only a few weeks later on February 9, 2021, reduxed versions of RockLove's Ghost earrings and necklace as well as a new Gambit Coin Necklace released on the Bungie Store.[11] The improvements received to the former two pieces consisted of more higher detail, including the addition of the gold details seen on the Generalist Shell in-game, more pronounced framing of the center stones, as well as a rotation feature added to the Ghost necklace.

RockLove is also one of the many companies to collaborate closely with Bungie on the Bungie Rewards program. The company is responsible for the highly popular Raid Ring,[12] and its sequel, the Vault of Glass Raid Ring.[13] Offered by the program in 2020 and 2021 respectively, these rings have reached popularity levels nearing that of the Bungie Rewards Raid jackets.

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