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Pop! is a prevalent line of collectible stylized vinyl figures produced by Funko. Destiny Pop! first released in 2017 as part of the Pop! Games subline, where it saw one wave of figures, and then another in 2018. As of 2021, the line of Destiny Pop! figures as well as the Destiny brand's involvement with Funko seems to have ceased.

The first wave was announced on May 15, 2017 on Funko's official blog,[1] and included eight unique figures and one chase variant. Four of these total nine were exclusives, two available exclusively at Gamestop, and two at Target. The second wave was announced on January 18, 2018[2], and the San Diego Comic Con exclusive figurine within the line was revealed on June 18, 2018[3]. Of these, there were seven unique figures, one with added features, and two unique variants. Of these ten total figures, one was exclusive to Amazon, one was exclusive to Best Buy, and two were exclusive to Gamestop. Additionally, there was a figurine exclusive to San Diego Comic Con as mentioned, and one exclusive to the Bungie Store.

Destiny Pop!

Wave 1 (2017)

Wave 2 (2018)


  • In an apparent error, the Pop! Atheon and Pop! Crota are both designated with the same number, 241. This appears on production boxes as well as the digital glam shots.
  • The Pop! Sweeper Bot has two "sticker variants". This means that there exist two variants of the release that are the exact same, the only difference being the sticker declaring the figures exclusivity. One of these variants states "SDCC 2018 Exclusive", and another states "Summer Convention Exclusive".
  • It is speculated that the license for Destiny with Funko and other license holders like Mega Construx were thrown into a grey area after the Activision-Bungie split in mid 2019, potentially offering an explanation for why companies like these have effectively ceased making product under the Destiny brand.


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