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Pin Kings is a brand by Numskull which releases collectible pin sets based on various pop culture properties.

Destiny was included in the launch lineup which released in Fall 2020, with three sets of officially licensed pins representing the franchise, each containing two pins. These consisted of a Gambit set, a Guardian set, and a Saint-14 set. They were added to the Numskull website as part of a wave of new Destiny merchandise preorders, which was added to the site shortly after the livestream event that revealed Beyond Light to fans.

The second series of pins in the line were released for preorder on April 3, 2021.[1] This series contained another three sets of two pins, one inspired by Engrams, another inspired by Cosmodrome iconography, and the last inspired by Luna iconography. Strangely, the Moon set is officially referred to as the Cosmodrome set, whilst the set inspired by the Cosmodrome iconography is titled literally for the individual pins in the set.[2]

A one-off set became available for preorder in July 2021, as part of a product collection by Numskull entitled "Fallen in Love". Capitalizing on the Eliksni Hatchling hype generated by Season of the Splicer, this set includes a pin of an Eliksni Hatchling as well as the "Fallen in Love" icon.[3]

Series 1 (2020)

Series 2 (2021)

Fallen in Love Set (2021)


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