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Moments of Triumph is an annual event in Destiny with the purpose of commemorating players' achievements in-game within the prior year. The first Moments of Triumph event took place in Destiny, starting on July 7, 2015[1] and running until September 14, 2015.[2] Destiny would see three Moments of Triumph events in its time, with the final one, Age of Triumph, acting as a sendoff to the title as Bungie shifted its focus to Destiny 2. Moments of Triumph would continue on an annual basis in Destiny 2, however the sequel would introduce a new event to the franchise with similar qualities to Moments of Triumph. This event was Solstice of Heroes, and it would become Destiny's summer live event, synergizing with Moments of Triumph. If Moments of Triumph is more so focused on celebrating the players of Destiny, Solstice of Heroes is the in-universe equivalent. This is further indicated by the fact that the event has historically been active during Moments of Triumph's run in any given year.

The event offers rewards to players who complete certain tasks and achievements laid out at the beginning of the event. These often include Emblems, Shaders, Sparrows, Ships, and even real-world t-shirts.[3] The Destiny Year 2 Moments of Triumph event introduced the in-game Record Book, which displays the Triumphs players can complete and the rewards they can attain for doing so. This concept extended into the Age of Triumphs event, which featured the largest Record Book available in Destiny.[3] Record Books did not make a return in Destiny 2, so instead the optional Triumphs and Triumph score could be accessed at Eva Levante, the event vendor in Destiny 2. However, with the launch of Forsaken, Bungie introduced full Triumph support in Destiny 2, allowing players to access a myriad of challenges to build up a lifetime Triumph score that could be seen in-game at any time. This system was leveraged for the following Moments of Triumph event in 2019, and again in 2020, making it what would seem to be the new standard going forward. That year's event introduced a Triumph Seal called Moments of Triumph: MMXIX, streamlining the process of tracking and obtaining Triumphs for the event, with the added bonus of an earnable Title associated with it.[4] These Titles would represent the year they were introduced in using Roman numeral format (Ex: MMXIX for 2019, MMXX for 2020, and so on).

Given that the event is a celebration of the Destiny community, it makes sense that Bungie would launch it on Bungie Day, which was created by Bungie's community to celebrate Bungie and the community their games have fostered. Not including the Age of Triumph update, almost every Moments of Triumph event has begun on or near Bungie Day. This is a convenient placement given that the holiday is in July, a time when the final content release of any given year of Destiny has either released or is ongoing. However, since Shadowkeep was delayed from its original release, delays to expansion release windows has become very common. Shadowkeep was pushed only two weeks, while Beyond Light was pushed nearly two months from its original release date. The upcoming expansion The Witch Queen experienced an even greater delay, and much earlier in its development cycle than the prior two delayed expansions. It was announced in early 2021 that The Witch Queen would be delayed to early 2022, from its original releae window of 2021. This, combined with Beyond Light's late launch, shifted the seasonal release schedule a few months, placing Bungie Day 2021 in the middle of Season of the Splicer, rather than during Season 15 like it would have been under normal circumstances. Because of this, it marked the first time Moments of Triumph didn't begin in the month of July.



Event Start Date End Date
Year One July 7, 2015 September 14, 2015
Year Two July 7, 2016 September 20, 2016
Year Three March 28, 2017 N/A
Destiny 2
Year One July 7, 2018 August 28, 2018
Year Two July 9, 2019 September 17, 2019
Year Three July 7, 2020 November 10, 2020

Destiny Year One

Moments of Triumph Year One 1.jpg

As mentioned, the first Moments of Triumph event began on July 7, 2015, or Bungie Day. Its Triumphs focused on the completion of the campaigns and endgame content found in Destiny, The Dark Below, and House of Wolves, each of the content drops comprising Year 1 of Destiny.[5] Finishing each of the ten Triumphs would grant players the ability to claim the Laurea Prima Emblem from the Triumphs page on[1] The event would end on September 14, 2015,[2] the day before The Taken King launched, after being extended from its original end date of September 9, 2015.[1]

Triumph Description
Apprentice of Light
A chracter reached the maximum level
Reach level 20 on a character
Light of the Garden
Defeated the dark heart of the Black Garden
Complete the final Mission of the Destiny campaign
Light in the Dark
Prevented the summoning of Crota's Soul
Complete the final Mission of the The Dark Below campaign
Light of the Reef
Captured Skolas in the Vex Citadel
Complete the final Mission of the House of Wolves campaign
Bane of Skolas
Defeated Prison of Elders on Hard Difficulty
Defeat Skolas, Kell of Kells within Prison of Elders Hard Mode
Bane of Atheon
Defeated Atheon on Hard Difficulty
Defeat Atheon, Time's Conflux within Vault of Glass Hard Mode
Bane of Crota
Defeated Crota on Hard Difficulty
Defeat Crota, Son of Oryx within Crota's End Hard Mode
Public Servant
Completed 50 Public Events
Complete 50 Public Events in patrol zones
Crucible Gladiator
Won 100 Crucible Matches
Win 100 matches within the Crucible
Chest Hunter
Found all Golden Chests
Discover all of the hidden Golden Chests in patrol zones

Destiny Year Two

Moments of Triumph Year Two 1.png

The Moments of Triumph event in Destiny's second year, starting once again on Bungie Day, was a much more bolstered experience than that of the prior year. Year Two's event incorporated the Record Book for tracking each of the eight new Triumphs in-game.[6] These Triumphs pertained to the new wave of content added in the The Taken King expansion which kicked the year off. Four in-game cosmetic rewards were offered as part of the Record Book associated with the event, one unlocked for every two Triumphs completed. The first was the Caelestis Shader, which was followed by the Shield of the Traveler Emblem, the Dawncaller Shader, and culminating in the Hear the Call Emblem. In addition to the digital rewards, this year's event was the first to offer a real-world item in the form of the Moments of Triumph T-shirt, which would become a staple of the event in the years to come.[6] A code necessary in order to purchase the shirt could be earned by completing each of the Triumphs within the Year Two Record Book, and the shirt could be personalized to include a name or gamertag on its right sleeve.[7] The event would end on September 20, 2016.[6]

Triumph Description
A Blade Reborn
Complete any of the Exotic sword quests from Shaxx
Acquire Bolt-Caster, Raze-Lighter, or Dark-Drinker
Eris Morn's Revenge
Collect all 50 Calcified Fragments
Collect each of the 50 Calcified Fragments found on the Dreadnaught
The Sword Logic
Defeat Oryx in the King's Fall Raid on Hard difficulty
Defeat Oryx, the Taken King within King's Fall Hard Mode
Return to the Reef
Complete the April quests "At the Gates" and "Return to the Prison"
Complete the "At the Gates" and "Return to the Prison" questlines introduced in the April Update
The Play's the Thing
Complete the Taken King main questline, culminating in "Regicide"
Complete the The Taken King campaign
Challenge of the Elders
Complete an Elder's Sigil scorecard in the Prison of Elders
Complete an Elder's Sigil scorecard in the Prison of Elders
This is Amazing
Complete the Crucible questline culminating in "The Mountaintop"
Complete the Crucible questline culminating in "The Mountaintop"
The Third Element
Equip a fully leveled Year Two subclass on any character
Equip a completed Sunbreaker, Nightstalker, or Stormcaller subclass

Age of Triumph

Age of Triumph 1.jpg

In 2017, the final year of Destiny content, the live team at Bungie implemented the largest free content update to the game in the form of the Age of Triumph update. Subsuming the Moments of Triumph event that year, Age of Triumph was larger in scale and has no end date, as it was meant to commemorate all of Destiny, as the torch would soon be passed to Destiny 2. Launching on March 28, 2017, Age of Triumph included many features, foremost of which was the weekly featured Raids, which saw each of the four Raids in the game brought up to relevant level, offering new armor ornaments and Exotic Adept weapons to collect.[3]

Rewards available in the Age of Triumph Record Book

The update also included the largest Record Book known to Destiny, containing a slew of unique rewards consisting primarily of Shaders, Emblems, and armor. The record book is still available to this day, however some of the Triumphs involving limited-time events such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris are no longer obtainable, as events are retired from the game. It spans twelve sections, each with its own set of eight Triumphs organized about various parts of the game. Each Triumph grants Record Book XP, advancing the Book's Rank as high as Rank 7. Rank 7 is reached once 75% of the Triumphs within the book are completed, and once reached, players could claim a discount code from their profile page on for the exclusive Age of Triumph T-shirt available on the Bungie Store.[8] This shirt offered a personalization option akin to that of the previous year, and it was available to order until August 1, 2017.[9]

Destiny 2 Year One

Moments of Triumph D2 Year One 1.png

The Moments of Triumph event that took place during Destiny 2's first year is perhaps the most unique of the Moments of Triumph events, as it was before the Triumph system was introduced to the game, and Record Books did not carry over to the sequel. Bungie still wished to make the Triumphs available to see and redeem in-game however, unlike Moments of Triumph of Destiny's first year. The event officially began on July 7, 2018,[10] with Triumphs viewable on, rewarding ponits for each completion. However, the event would be rolled in with the brand new summer event in Destiny 2, Solstice of Heroes, which was how Bungie represented the Triumphs in-game. Triumphs could be viewed at the Solstice of Heroes statue as bounties, allowing players to collect and redeem them for points once they were completed. Players could also track their Triumph score and redeem their rewards from the event at the statue. There were four in-game cosmetic rewards, consisting of the Renewed Triumph Emblem, the Right Choice Ghost Shell, the Comrades in Arms Sparrow, and the Eternally Triumphant Emblem, as well as another Moments of Triumph T-shirt available for the event this year.[11] Many of the Triumphs for the year involved Patrol activities and content introduced in Warmind and Curse of Osiris.[12] The event ran until August 28, 2018.[11]

Triumph Description
Bringer of Light
Finish Destiny 2's Base Campaign
Rewards 10 Triumph Points
Follower of Osiris
Finish Curse of Osiris Campaign
Rewards 10 Triumph Points
Awaken the Warmind
Finish Warmind Campaign
Rewards 10 Triumph Points
The Hero We Deserve
Complete 25 Public Events on Heroic Difficulty
Rewards 10 Triumph Points
Treasure Hunter
Collect All Region Chests
Rewards 10 Triumph Points
Running Errands
Complete 25 Bounties
Rewards 10 Triumph Points
Check Out My Arsenal
Obtain 25 Exotic Weapons or Armor
Rewards 15 Triumph Points
I Will Smash You
Defeat 100 Opponents in the Crucible
Rewards 15 Triumph Points
Fleeting Memories
Collect all 45 Latent Memories
Rewards 15 Triumph Points
Complete 20 Adventures
Rewards 20 Triumph Points
Show Me the Way
Obtain Sagira's Ghost Shell
Rewards 20 Triumph Points
Hive Extermination
Complete Tier 7 in Escalation Protocol
Rewards 20 Triumph Points
In My Element
Collect 250 Elemental Orbs
Rewards 25 Triumph Points
Remember Who You Are
Complete Each Redux Mission at Least Once
Rewards 30 Triumph Points
The Very Best
Reach Vanguard Rank 50 in Season 3
Rewards 20 Triumph Points
Valor Fables
Reach Fabled in Valor Ranking in Season 3
Rewards 20 Triumph Points
The Emperor
Defeat Calus in the Leviathan Raid
Rewards 20 Triumph Points
Prove Your Worth
Complete Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars Raid Lairs
Rewards 20 Triumph Points
Fashion Hero
Upgrade the Full Solstice of Heroes Armor Set to Legendary Quality
Rewards 50 Triumph Points
Above and Beyond
Masterwork Any Solstice of Heroes Armor
Rewards 50 Triumph Points

Destiny 2 Year Two

Moments of Triumph D2 Year Two 2.jpg

During the year of Forsaken, the Moments of Triumph ran from July 9, 2019[4] to September 17, 2019 (After being extended from its original end date of August 27, 2019).[13] Taking advantage of the new Triumph system in Destiny 2, the Moments of Triumph event this year introduced a Triumph Seal earnable for the duration of the event, which granted the Title MMXIX upon completion. Additional rewards were available as Triumphs were completed within the Seal, such as the Moments of Triumph 2019 Emblem for completing one Triumph, the Lightning Rider Sparrow for completing five, the Solstice Hymnal Ship for completing ten, and a discount code for the year's physical t-shirt for completing fifteen. This year was also the first year the annual Moments of Triumph t-shirt was offered through the Bungie Rewards program, which itself was likely spawned from Bungie's practice of offering these exclusive shirts for the Moments of Triumph events each year.[4]

Triumph Description
Mission: Nothing Left to Say
Complete mission "Nothing Left to Say"
Complete the final mission of the Forsaken campaign
Forges Afield
Forge weapons from research frames and Black Armory frames
Complete 10 weapon frame bounties from Ada-1
Prime Fashion
Win a Gambit Prime match while wearing a full set of Notorious armor
Win a match of Gambit Prime while equipped with a full set of Notorious Reaper, Collector, Sentry, or Invader armor
Fully upgrade the Chalice of Opulence
Complete all upgrades within the Chalice of Opuelnce
The Majesty of It
Obtain the complete Majestic Solstice of Heroes 2019 armor set
Acquire the Legendary Solstice of Heroes 2019 armor set
Above and Beyond
Masterwork any piece of Majestic Solstice armor
Complete a Masterwork objective for any piece of Legendary Solstice of Heroes 2019 armor
Exotic Arsenal
Claim Bad Juju, Outbreak Perfected, and Whisper of the Worm from their respective Exotic missions
Acquire Whisper of the Worm, Outbreak Perfected, and Bad Juju
The Vault
Amass gear in your Collections
Collect 1,000 unique pieces of gear
Gun for Hire
Complete bounties throughout the system
Complete 15 bounties
Complete weekly challenges throughout the system
Complete 10 weekly challenges
For the Vanguard
Complete strikes in any strike playlist
Complete 20 Strikes of any kind
Vanguard Pinnacle Weapons
Earn a Vanguard pinnacle weapon from any Season
Acquire Loaded Question or Wendigo GL3
Legendary Valor
Achieve a Valor rank of "Legend" in any season
Reach Valor rank Legend in the Crucible (Retroactive)
Crucible Pinnacle Arsenal
Earn a Crucible pinnacle weapon from any Season
Acquire Luna's Howl, Not Forgotten, The Mountaintop, The Recluse, or Revoker
Reach the Mythic division in Gambit
Reach Infamy rank Mythic in Gambit
Gambit Pinnacle Arsenal
Earn a Gambit pinnacle weapon from any Season
Acquire Breakneck or 21% Delirium
Never Again
Complete the dungeon "The Shattered Throne"
Complete the Shattered Throne Dungeon
O Murderer Mine
Complete the "Last Wish" raid
Complete the Last Wish Raid
Valiant Savior
Complete the "Scourge of the Past" raid
Complete the Scourge of the Past Raid
In the Shadow of the Kingdom of Sorrow
Complete the "Crown of Sorrow" raid
Complete the Crown of Sorrow Raid

Destiny 2 Year Three

Moments of Triumph D2 Year Three 1.jpg

Moments of Triumph this year followed suit with the format used in the year prior, which has seemingly become the standard for the event going forward. In that, this year introduced another Triumph Seal which awards the Title MMXX when completed. The event began on July 7, 2020, and it focused heavily on the content being retired to the freshly created Destiny Content Vault, specifically the five Raids that would become unavailable at the start of Year 4 with Beyond Light. These Raids consisted of Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Scourge of the Past, and Crown of Sorrow, and the Seal awarded various cosmetics from each of the five Raids for completing them such as Shaders, Emotes, and Ghost Shells.[14] The event also lifted the weekly loot caps on these Raids, allowing players to replay them as much as they'd like in order to collect the gear within them before it became unavailable for the forseeable future. The Bungie Rewards program also offered the popular Raid Ring for completing each of the five Raids and redeeming the "Reward: Raid Ring and Emblem" Triumph within the Moments of Triumph Seal that year.[15] The program also offered two exclusive Emblems for attaining 12,500 and 50,000 Triumph score respectively. As usual, the Seal also offered its own set of unique rewards for certain Triumph completions. These included the Accolades on Accolades Emblem for 1 Triumph completed, the Resurrecting Flight Sparrow for 5 completed, the Awakened Ghost Shell for 10 completed, and a Bungie Rewards discount code for the 2020 Moments of Triumph T-shirt for 15 completed.[16]

While it has not been uncommon for Moments of Triumph events to see small 1–2 week extension, the 2020 event was faced with the unique circumstance of the following expansion, Beyond Light, being delayed nearly two months. This left two months of extra time to fill for the preceding Season, Season of Arrivals, in which the Moments of Triumph event began that year. When extending Season of Arrivals, Bungie also opted to extend Moments of Triumph as well. As detailed on the official Season of Arrivals roadmpa, the event was always intended to end right before the launch of Beyond Light. Slating the event's original end date as September 22, 2020.[17] So when the expansion was pushed to November 10, 2020 and the event was extended, its new end date too fell on November 10.[15]

Triumph Description
Leviathan Raid
Complete the "Leviathan" raid
Complete the Levithan Raid
Eater of Worlds Raid
Complete the "Leviathan" raid
Complete the Levithan Raid
Spire of Stars Raid
Complete the "Spire of Stars" raid
Complete the Spire of Stars Raid
Crown of Sorrow Raid
Complete the "Crown of Sorrow" raid
Complete the Crown of Sorrow Raid
Scourge of the Past Raid
Complete the "Scourge of the Past" raid
Complete the Scourge of the Past Raid
Gun for Hire
Complete bounties throughout the system
Complete 15 bounties
Complete weekly challenges throughout the system
Complete 10 weekly challenges
For the Vanguard
Complete strikes in any strike playlist
Complete 20 Strikes of any kind
Ordeal or No Deal
Complete Nightfall strikes. Challenging strikes grant the most efficient progress.
Complete 20 Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes (Higher difficulty grants bonus progress)
Season of Arrivals: Valor Legend
During Season of Arrivals, reach the Legend Valor rank and reset your Valor rank
Reach a Valor Rank reset in the Crucible during Season of Arrivals
Trials Victories
Win matches in the Trials of Osiris
Win 7 Trials of Osiris matches
Gambit Standout
During Season of Arrivals, deposit 250 Motes and defeat 150 combatants with precision final blows in Gambit
Deposit Motes and attain precision kills in Gambit during Season of Arrivals
K1 Discovered
Complete and loot all of the Moon's Lost Sectors
Complete the K1 Logistics, K1 Revelation, K1 Crew Quarters, and K1 Communion Lost Sectors on the Moon
Altars of Sorrow: Final Phase
Defeat a Tier V Nightmare boss
Defeat a Nightmare boss in Altars of Sorrow Tier V on the Moon
Garden of Salvation
Complete the "Garden of Salvation" raid
Complete the Garden of Salvation Raid
Destroyer of Heretics
Complete the Pit of Heresy
Complete the Pit of Heresy Raid
Prophecy Complete
Complete the "Prophecy" dungeon
Complete the Prophecy Dungeon
Season Pass Rank
Attain rank 100 in Season of Arrivals
Reach rank 100 in the Season of Arrivals Season Pass
Interference: Clear the Air
Defeat Savathûn's mysterious Supplicant in mission "Interference"
Defeat Nokris within the final Interference Mission
Exotic Arsenal
Claim the 3 new Exotic weapons from Season of Arrivals
Acquire Witherhoard, Ruinous Effigy, and Traveler's Chosen
Hive-God Optometrist
Find and destroy all of Savathûn's Eyes
Find and destroy all 50 of Savathûn's Eyes
The Majesty of It
Obtain Magnificent Legendary Solstice Armor
Acquire the Legendary Solstice of Heroes 2020 armor set
Above and Beyond
Earn Glow on any Solstice of Heroes Armor
Complete a Masterwork objective for any piece of Legendary Solstice of Heroes 2020 armor



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Destiny Year Two Event
Age of Triumph
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