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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Collector's Edition // Hive Cryptoglyph Replica

The Hive Cryptoglyph Replica was included in the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Collector's Edition, based off of the Hive Cryptoglyph that features prominently in the Shadowkeep campaign, later becoming a vendor in-game for Nightmare related bounties and loot.

This replica is made with metal, and measures to 7.8" (20cm) in length. The four rows of hive symbols can each rotate independently, to accommodate the puzzle function of the replica.


The Hive Cryptoglyph replica was initially marketed as housing "secret contents", hinting fans to find and use various clues found within the collector's edition to open the replica. As fans began to receive their collector's editions, they soon realized that lining up the Hive runes found on the rotating rows on the replica was how this could be accomplished. Hints as to what positioning of the runes was required to unlock the Cryptoglyph can be found on the Letter from Eris Morn included in the collector's edition.

Upon lining up the correct runes, the top of the replica could be removed, and inside a small strip of paper would be found. A string of Hive runes are present on one side of the paper, and on the other, a unique link to a hidden page on Bungie's website, and a unique code for the exclusive Cryptologist Emblem.

Design Alteration

The replica's final design ended up being noticeably different than it was when it was initially portrayed in marketing material, with the detail of the replica seemingly having been cut back on compared to the final product. However, the final design remains completely accurate to the in-game model for the Hive Cryptoglyph.

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