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The Fallen are an enemy race comprised of a machine-worshipping people known as the Eliksni, introduced in Destiny. The Eliksni arrived in Sol in pursuit of the Traveler, which had blessed them and their world, Riis, before abandoning them when the Darkness arrived.

Eliksni society was once formed of many different Houses, many of which are now extinct. After the Traveler's departure from Riis, the Fallen faced their own Collapse known as the Whirlwind, which lead to fighting between many Houses. Few of these Houses would make it to Sol, including the House of Devils, House of Exile, House of Winter, House of Kings, House of Wolves, and the House of Rain. None of these Houses exist today, as they have all been wiped out or consolidated into the House of Dusk, which was the first major House to be formed within Sol. Since then, the House of Salvation, wielders of Stasis, led by Eramis, Kell of Darkness, and the House of Light, uneasy allies of the Last City, led by Mithrax, Kell of Light, have also been formed within Sol.

The Fallen have been the most intimate enemy of humanity in post-Collapse history, the race leading many bloody battles against the City, even finding conflict with the Awoken of the Reef. Some examples are the Battle of Six of Six Fronts and Twilight Gap, in which Guardians such as Saint-14 and Ana Bray would exemplify themselves as legend. The House of Wolves were caught up in the Reef Wars as well, in the aftermath of which Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken, would become the House's Kell. Guardians would continue to find victory against the Fallen in the Age of Light, during which the Guardian would slay both Skolas, Kell of Kells, and Aksis, Archon Prime, quelling the uprisings of the House of Wolves and the Devil Splicers. They would also snuff out the Kell's Scourge, a criminal group of Eliksni which pursued the power of the Black Armory. Furthermore, the Scorn originated from the Eliksni, changed via Dark Ether by the actions of Prince Uldren Sov of the Awoken, under the corrupting influence of Riven, of a Thousand Voices.

In the Age of Darkness, the Fallen would meet Guardians in the arms race of acquiring Stasis from the Black Fleet. Pitting the Guardian against Eramis, a conflict only the Guardian would walk away from. But many Eliksni wished not to be a part of Eramis' troubling fascination with the Darkness, as they saw it as only a threat to their new lives on Europa's Riis-Reborn, a recently constructed Eliksni haven in Sol. These Fallen defected to the House of Light, which would later find residence within the walls of the Last City. They would be welcomed in so Mithrax, who is also a sacred Eliksni Splicer, could help lift the veil of the Vex-placed Endless Night that had enveloped the City.

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