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Destiny Series Pins are official Bungie Store pins pertaining to iconography, items, weapons, and characters found in the Destiny universe. Beginning in 2016, Destiny series pins commonly include single-pack pins, which fall into the ongoing Destiny Series 1. Further series within the Destiny series contain multi-pack pin sets, consisting of three common pins and one of three rare pins. To date, five series have been released.[1]

Series 1 contains the most pins of any Bungie Store pin series, as it has seen multiple new additions every year since its first release, the Destiny Tricorn Pin. The latter four series all consist of the multi-pack release format. This type of pack was rather short lived, however. The first multi-packs, the Weapons Pin Set and the Rise of Iron Pin Set, released in October 2016, while the latest one, the Faction Quest Pin Set, released only a full year later in September 2017.[1]

Series 1

Destiny Series 1 is the first series of pins centric to the Destiny franchise, and the first series of pins produced by Bungie in the Destiny era. It consists of pins based on Destiny iconography and weapons, essentially anything Destiny that wasn't made for any other series. It began in 2016 and has been ongoing ever since, seeing multiple additions annually. These pins are all single-packed, and have generally cost $14.99 USD on the Bungie Store.

Series 2

Destiny Series 2 consists of quest iconography as seen in Destiny. This series was the first to include multi-packs of four pins.[1] It included two of pin sets, the first releasing in 2017 and including general quest iconography. The second and final set of the series pertained more specifically to faction quest iconography and released in September 2017.[2]

Quest Pin Set

Faction Quest Pin Set

Series 3

The pins of Destiny Series 3 represent Exotic weapons obtainable in Destiny. It contains one pin set, which released in October 2016.[3]

Weapons Pin Set

Series 4

Destiny Series 4 includes pins representing iconography seen in Rise of Iron. Its sole pin set released in October 2016 alongside the Weapons Pin Set, and the series has not been continued since.

Rise of Iron Pin Set

Series 5

The fifth and final series of the Destiny series includes a set of pins of characters from Destiny in a stylized, cartoonish format. The set released in 2017, and there have been no further additions to series 5 since.

Cute Destiny Pin Set


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