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Bungie Rewards is an exclusive merchandise program began by Bungie in 2018 with the intent to reward Destiny 2 players with opportunities to purchase high quality collectibles relevant to in-game activities and items. It launched on September 4, 2018[1] alongside the release of Forsaken, and includes products ranging from soundtracks, to pins, replicas, apparel of all sorts, and more.

Bungie Rewards offers are only available to fans who have completed certain tasks or Triumphs in Destiny 2. To verify this, Bungie requires that fans link their gaming platform account(s) to their Bungie account, and then their Bungie account to their Bungie Store account. Upon doing this, any current Bungie Rewards exclusive offers that have had their conditions met by the linked account will be able to be ordered on the Bungie Store. Before these conditions are met, all Bungie Rewards items appear on the Bungie Store with the price of $777,777.77, a price far above the checkout limit on the website. It is only when these conditions are met that the price will discount to its actual selling price, which varies from item to item. Free digital offers through the program are available to redeem on the Bungie Rewards page on Bungie's website when their conditions are met by a linked account with Destiny 2 play history.[2]

All Bungie Rewards offers are time-limited, in that there is a deadline within which the in-game conditions must be met, and a further deadline within which the item must be ordered from the Bungie Store. This also varies from item to item. For instance, the Ace of Spades is still fully obtainable in Destiny 2 to this day, however the Bungie Rewards offer for the Ace of Spades Miniature Replica ended in 2018.


Although Bungie Rewards officially began in 2018 alongside the release of Forsaken, it was derived from a practice seen on the Bungie Store for years prior. In commemoration of the Moments of Triumph event each year, Bungie would offer an exclusive t-shirt on the Bungie Store for players who completed a certain amount of Triumphs within the event that year. A trait that would follow into the Bungie Rewards program was that these shirts were listed on the Bungie Store for $777,772.77 ($5 was subtracted to account for the optional personalization fee). A discount code would be needed to complete the order, which could be earned by completing said in-game Triumphs. Three shirts were released in this manner prior to the beginning of the Bungie Rewards program, the Moments of Triumph T-shirt, the Age of Triumph T-shirt, and the Solstice of Heroes Moments of Triumph T-shirt. The Bungie Rewards program is in essence a more streamlined version of the same experience, but with a much wider scope as far as the products it entails.

Discount Codes

On July 20, 2021, the way Bungie Rewards items were obtained was changed from the way it had worked since its beginning in 2018. Previously, it hinged on unique discount codes distributed on the Bungie Rewards page on These could be claimed if a linked gaming platform account had completed the related in-game tasks or Triumphs, which had deadlines separate from the deadlines to earn a code and to order an item on the Bungie Store. Upon being claimed, codes would have to be copied into the Bungie Store checkout page to order an item.[3] These items were required to be ordered individually, due to the fact that checkout could only accept one discount code per order. With this method, it was extremely common for fans to sell the discount codes they had no intent on using, which allowed those who were unable to earn one themselves to order the items regardless. This was the tradeoff Bungie made in order to simplify the process of purchasing Bungie Rewards items.[2]

All Bungie Rewards discount codes have been invalidated as of July 20, 2021.[2]


Digital Items

The Bungie Rewards program occasionally offers free digital items. These have included exclusive soundtracks from Destiny 2, Emblems, plans for papercraft objects, and most recently, digital books.






Pins remain a mainstay in the realm of Destiny collectibles even in the Bungie Rewards program. These typically take the form of pins made in commemoration of the Triumph Seals introduced in Forsaken, however pins within the program have begun to branch out as of 2019. In that year entries like the Helm of Saint-14 pin and the Trials of Osiris Flawless pin were released, among others, and the program has only continued to see more variety since.


The bulk of the offerings from the Bungie Rewards program take the form of apparel of a multitude of varieties. Many of these are t-shirts inspired by new or reprised weapons in Destiny 2, but the esteemed Raid jackets, and later the Raid rings, are perhaps the most desirable and exclusive items within the entirety of Bungie Rewards. With every Raid added to the game since the program's launch, a special commemorative jacket styled after them have been made for players who completed them within a short window after their respective launches.


One of the more enticing things Bungie Rewards offers are the high quality replicas of various weapons or items from Destiny 2. The program offered two of these with its launch, these being the Ace of Spades and Luna's Howl replicas offered in Fall 2018. Since then, a total of seven replicas have been offered through the Bungie Rewards program. Most of these take the form of the miniature polystone replicas from Level52 Studios, however Calimacil has also collaborated with Bungie Rewards in producing the Pit of Heresy Relic Sword Replica.

Other Collectibles

It's rare for the Bungie Rewards program to deviate from items that fall into the previous categories, but there have been some unique standalone items made for the program. Some of these include the Guardian Games Boxes, the Shadowkeep Challenge Coins, and the Penguin Souvenir Figurine.

Pre-Bungie Rewards Exclusive Offers

Triumph Shirts
Release Image Name MSRP Conditions to Earn Earn Before Order Before
July 7, 2016
Moments of Triumph 2016 Shirt 1.jpg
Moments of Triumph T-shirt $24.99 Complete the Year Two Record Book September 20, 2016
9:59 AM PDT
October 4, 2016
11:59 PM PDT
March 28, 2017
Age of Triumph 2017 Shirt 1.jpg
Age of Triumph T-shirt $24.99 Reach Rank 7 in the Age of Triumph Record Book August 1, 2017
11:59 PM PDT
August 1, 2017
11:59 PM PDT
July 7, 2018
Solstice of Heroes 2018 Shirt 1.png
Solstice of Heroes Moments of Triumph T-shirt $24.99 Earn 250 Triumph points within the Solstice of Heroes 2018 event August 28, 2018
9:59 AM PDT
August 28, 2018
9:59 AM PDT

Bungie Rewards Exclusive Offers


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