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Armory Series Pins are official Bungie Store pins pertaining to weapons, armor, and Ghosts as seen in Destiny and Destiny 2. Beginning in 2018, Armory series pins include a number of common pins, usually nine, as well as one additional rare pin. To date, five series have been released, the latest releasing on July 7, 2021.

The first two series released in 2018, and both included pins based on Exotic weapons found in Destiny 2. The third series released in 2019, and was themed after Ghosts. Many of these pins represented Ghosts equipped with Shells obtainable in Destiny and Destiny 2, however a few of them represent named Ghosts within the world of Destiny, such as Sagira, Sundance, and Jinju. The fourth series would release in 2020, including helmets found in Destiny 2, and it would be the smallest series of Armory series pins to date, containing only seven pins. However, these pins were much larger than previous ones, and also introduced the new style of pin Bungie had begun introducing to the Bungie Store. The pins were dimensional, rather than being flat, and utilized laser printing instead of enamel filling. This style would seem to become the new standard, as the fifth and most recent series, released on July 7, 2021, would also include it. This fifth series pertained to each of the Pinnacle weapons obtained in Year 2 of Destiny 2. These pins are unique in that they are angled as they appear in the inspection screen in-game, rather than laying flat.

Series 1: Exotic Weapons

Series 2: Exotic Weapons

Series 3: Ghosts

Series 4: Helmets

Series 5: Pinnacle Weapons

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