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3A // Mara Sov Statue

The 3A Mara Sov Statue is an extremely limited premium statue produced by 3A in collaboration with Ashley Wood to celebrate the launch of Destiny on September 9, 2014.[1] Only three-hundred copies were made, and they were never sold publicly, as they were made as gifts for employees at Bungie exclusively.[2][3] The statue depicts Mara Sov in a highly stylized manner, similar to some of Wood's other pieces. It stands at 12" (30.48cm) on a circular display stand.[2] Mara Sov is posed with one leg on the head of a Vex Gate Lord, inspired by the mission "A Key Awaits," in which the Guardian delivers the eye of a Gate Lord to Mara and Uldren Sov in the Reef.[4]



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